Abans Investment Managers

Abans Investment Managers is the Asset Management arm of Abans Group. As a group, we have over a decade of proprietary and public fund management experience globally across various asset classes. Our experience dealing in complex derivative strategies across commodities, equities and currencies in India and globally, coupled with seamless integration of technology have helped the group to create several quant portfolio management and investment strategies. Over the years, we have been able to navigate tricky financial markets across various market cycles, enabling wealth creation while simultaneously limiting downside risk to capital.

At Abans Investment Managers, we offer various solutions in the alternative investment space through Structured Products, US$ Global Arbitrage Opportunities Fund, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) and Commodities Arbitrage (INR). The investment mandate across our product offerings reflects the group’s philosophy of financial innovation, technological integration and fiscal prudence. Our endeavor is to address every investment need of the investor by providing various solutions in the ever evolving investment landscape.