LifeSurge Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.

LifeSurge BioSciences Pvt. Ltd. is a new-age healthcare organization committed to providing holistic health solutions to address all the health needs faced by women and children in today’s dynamic and fast-paced life. There is a need for a comprehensive approach towards first understanding the varied health and medical needs of women & children, recurring or frequent lifestyle-oriented diseases or health conditions and finally devising all-inclusive health solutions to help them lead their lives to the fullest. We endeavour to do this by providing optimal healthcare and a full bouquet of health solutions to the most common gynecological and pediatrics issues. LifeSurge, driven by its indigenous formulation development capabilities and early / Greenfield investments is well poised to make significant advances in the Women’s & Children Healthcare sector.

The company strives to fulfill its motto of “A promise of Good Health” by espousing the following core

  • To embrace health as a basic human birthright
  • To hold up with utmost care the value “Do not harm”
  • To empower people with tools to “Get back to health”
  • To become a household name in the field of health solutions
  • To line-up state-of-the-art products that preserve and improve health
  • To conduct innovative research geared towards producing innovative health-related products

Under the leadership of Mr. Kishan Rao, a veteran in the Indian pharma industry, LifeSurge is all set to fulfill its PROMISE OF GOOD HEALTH.